Many storage tanks used in the petrochemical industry are equipped with a skimmer system or a suction line to draw product from the upper liquid level and reduce the carryover of particles, water or any other contaminant which is present in the stored product.

The Extar standard flexible steelpipe design, consisting of an articulated stainless steel carcass and an extruded thermoplastic outer jacket has, when installed in a skimmer system or used as suction line, the same advantages as when used in the drainsystem of foamsystem. The unique repeatable lay pattern needs only limited space. The simple system, only one moving component, combined with the high quality materials used ill ensure a 20 year design life trouble free operation.

For storage tanks with floating roofs, also IFR, the flexible steel pipe can be attached to the underside of the roof, of with fixed roof tanks we can suggest an arrangement with a pontoons, where one or two flexible pipes will connect the pontoon to the nozzle in the tank wall.

The patented two flexible pipe system needs no additional structures to keep the pontoon on the same position in the tank, eliminating any danger of uncontrolled movements of the pontoon floating on the stored product.