Extar has a vast experience in high pressure hoses used in offshore and drilling operations

Within the petrochemical industry dynamically used high pressure hoses, with a typical 5000 psi working pressure, are used in decoking systems.

Decoking system components require a maximum of reliability to reduce maintenance and/or downtime to a absolute minimum.

The unique Extar flexible pipe system has an excellent design for use in decoking systems, its specific advantages result in an average 4-5 times longer operational life than rubber equivalents

The outside of the flexible pipes are made of Stainless Steel, highly resistant against abrasion, and mechanical impact.

The structure of the line is such that there will be no dimensional change or torsional movement when the line is suddenly pressurized, thus no movement whatsoever.

Coflexip will issue an engineering manual where all important parameters are calculated and where possible, with specific software, simulated. The lines can be delivered with production manuals, ensuring a full traceability of the components used. This is unique in the market.

High Pressure fittings will be, where possible, engineered to meet the customers requirements.

We will supply hoisting collars for installation, as well as, when required by the customer, supervision during installation.